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FBA & FBM Calculator

Seller Assistant calculates ROI and Profit Margin right on Amazon product page.

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Seller assistant FBA & FBM Calculator

Advanced FBA and FBM Calculator

Seller Assistant calculates ROI and Profit Margin, using Cost of Goods, Sales Taxes on Cost of Goods, Amazon Referral fee, FBA fee, VAT, Monthly Storage Cost, and 3d Party Logistics Cost.

Seller assistant FBA & FBM Calculator

VAT calculator

Seller Assistant supports European VAT. Choose your VAT scheme: No VAT, Standard VAT rate, Reduced VAT rate, Non registered VAT for UK sellers, and VAT on fees for European sellers who sell on Amazon US or Canada. Incoming VAT for cost of goods is supported.
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Seller assistant FBA & FBM Calculator

Amazon Fees and Logistics expenses

See Amazon Referral fee, FBA fee, Variable closing fee, and Storage cost. Add product preparation and shipping costs to your calculation.
Logistic costs can be configured in the settings.

Seller assistant FBA & FBM Calculator

Export to Sheets

Save your Amazon product analysis result to the google sheet in one click.
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Seller assistant FBA & FBM Calculator

Inbound Placement Service Fee

Calculate Inbound Placement Fee based on Amazon Optimized Splits, Minimal Shipment Splits and/or Partial Shipment Splits.


FBM & FBA Calculator

Calculate ROI and Profit Margin.
FBA Calculator right on Amazon product page.

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