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What is the Seller Assistant App?

Seller Assistant App is a Chrome Extension that combined FBA Calculator, IP Alerts and Quick View in one tool. Our aim is to provide valuable Product Insights to Amazon Resellers and simplify product search routine. Finding goods for online arbitrage and drop-shipping has never been easier. Analyze current and historical data, create your product notes, and save the result to Google Sheets. Great for Arbitrage and Wholesale.

Valuable Information

Get all the information you need right on Amazon product pages

Historical data

Analyze the most important historical data

Google Sheets support

Save the result directly into your Google Sheets

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What You Get


As an Amazon seller, your success depends on your ability to keep multiple product factors in mind. We provide you with the data so that you can make business decisions with confidence.
Valuable information

✓ Displays an essential product data: ASIN, BSR, Category, Product dimensions, Size Tiers
✓ Embeds right inside the Amazon product page
✓ Provides links to Product Description Section, Reviews, Offers, etc
✓ Allows quick searches in Google, eBay, and Walmart by title, model, and UPC

Competition at a glance

✓ See number of FBA/FBM Offers
✓ Know the lowest and average prices
✓ Get total revenue and number of units sold
✓ Estimate your sales and profit

Advanced Profit Calculator

✓ ROI and Margin
✓ Referral and FBA fees
✓ Customizable 3rd-party logistics' costs

Custom notes

✓ Save Cost of Goods, Notes, and Source link for future use

Google Sheets Export Support

✓ Export to Google Sheets in one click
✓ Save all product details for future use and analysis
✓ Customize your data export with ease

Restrictions and Alerts

✓ Restrictions checker (brand and category restrictions)
✓ Intellectual Property warnings
✓ Meltable Inventory Warnings
✓ Hazmat Checker

Pricing plans

Choose your plan

We offer monthly and annual subscription. Choose annual billing to get better price.

Team plans are available for teams up to 10 people. Team plans allow you to create sub-accounts for your team members and VAs.
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Amazon Quick View feature
IP Alert feature
On-page Product Dashboard
FBA & FBM profit calculator
Google Sheets support
Historical data and graph
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Amazon Quick View feature
Explained IP Alerts feature
On-page Product Dashboard
FBA & FBM Profit Calculator
Google Sheets Support
Historical data and graph
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Supported Marketplaces

What Amazon Marketplaces does the Seller Assistant App support?

Hundreds of Happy Customers All Around the World

“Pleased with the quality and quantity of features. Excellent feedback. Developers respond to complaints and suggestions very quickly. Also, I'd like to thank the support team for the calculation of E-Sell Prep Center services!”
Mykola Koralla
Prep Center Owner
“Seller Assistant App is a new standard among applications for analyzing product listings on Amazon. After switching from RevSeller, two researchers and I have significantly reduced the time of working with profitable deals. Despite the fact that the plugin is already perfect, the author continues to develop it dynamically.”
Alex Shatsky
Amazon Seller
“The plugin significantly reduces the time for evaluating the profitability of products and entering winning ones into the table. Research stage takes literally 15 seconds. The product search process is no longer routine. Great idea in process optimization!”
Gennady Gaisha
Amazon seller

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