Why Seller Assistant's IP-Alert®

Get warnings about product restrictions and items with violations of intellectual property rights, reviews policy, authenticity complaints, and more.
Seller Assistant marks products and brands generating account health issues with a red triangle icon. Data is collected daily.
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Proactively avoid IP complaints

Easily detect Amazon products and brands with intellectual property complaints. Seller Assistant marks risky products with the red triangle icon


Source your products safely

Get IP warnings everywhere you research your products. Seller Assistant’s IP Alert appears on the Amazon product and search pages, and in the Side Panel View on any website to show that an item has IP complaints


Know all product issues by type

Identify what type of Amazon product policy violations a product has. Hover over the red triangle IP Alert icon in Seller Assistant to see the following violation types: 

✓ Suspected Intellectual Property Violation;
✓ Automated Brand Protection Received Intellectual Property Complaint;
✓ Intellectual Property Product Authenticity Customer Complaint;
✓ Product Authenticity Product Condition Customer Complaint;
✓ Product Condition Food and Product Safety Issue;
✓ Product Safety Listing Policy Violation;
✓ Listing Policy Restricted Product Policy Violation;
✓ Restricted Products Customer Product Reviews Policy Violation;
✓ Product Review Abuse; 
✓ Other Policy Violations.


Get instant updates on product risks

Stay updated on the latest Amazon product issues. Seller Assistant’s unique Amazon policy violations database is updated instantly and reveals the date and type of the violation. Steer clear from products with severe violations to avoid unnecessary risks


Automate brand IP complaints research

Automatically receive warnings about the brands filing IP complaints to Amazon. Identify and avoid Brand Research:  While exploring products, IP alerts can inform you if other sellers have encountered problems with a particular brand or product related to IP. This can help you assess the risk of selling that product or brand

Амазон IP-Alert

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