Seller assistant sub-accounts

Invite your team members

Seller Assistant revolutionizes your workflow by allowing you to invite team members to collaborate seamlessly in Amazon Online Arbitrage leads sourcing.

Seller assistant sub-accounts

Let VAs check brand gate and restrictions

Let your VAs check Brand Gate and Amazon product restrictions without access to your seller account.

A Green open lock indicates you are free to sell the product.A Red closed lock means you need approval or are not eligible to sell the product.
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Seller assistant sub-accounts

No more sharing access to Seller Central with your VAs

Worried about sharing your precious Amazon seller account details with your Virtual Assistants? Worry no more!

With the Seller Assistant, your VAs can check Amazon product restrictions without needing access to your seller account.

Keep your data secure while still empowering your team to excel!

Seller assistant / Notes feature

Check Online Arbitrage Sourcing Lists for Brand Gate in Bulk

Already have an Amazon Online Arbitrage Sourcing sourcing list? Save your time by checking them for Brand Gating and restrictions with Bulk Restriction Checker.
Let your VAs to check their leads with Bulk Restriction Checker.

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Seller assistant / sub-accounts

No more sharing access to Google Sheets

Tired of the risks of sharing access to Google Sheets with your VAs? Bid farewell to that stress!

The Seller Assistant offers a secure solution. Connect your sheet within your master account and grant your VA the ability to save leads without sharing access to your Google Sheets.

Your data remains safe while collaboration reaches new levels!

Secure Your Business with Sub-Accounts

It's time to take control and maximize your team's potential with the Seller Assistant!

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