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Seller Assistant App / НДС

Seller Assistant App поддердивает европейский НДС. Выберите схому НДС: Без НДС, Стандартный НДС, Уменшенный НДС, Без регистрации НДС для продавцов из UK и НДС на комиссии для европейских продавцов, которые продают на Amazon США или Канаде.

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Seller Assistant App / VAT
Seller assistant app / VAT feature

Воходящий НДС

Now you can choose the way you input the Cost of Goods.
Seller Assistant App will calculate base product cost and VAT for you.

Incoming VAT
Seller assistant app / VAT feature

Настройки НДС

Set default cost of goods VAT scheme in your settings.
If you source from retail suppliers, choose COG incl. VAT and input prices you see on the supplier's website. Usually, this is a final price including VAT.
If you source from wholesale suppliers, choose COG excl. VAT and input price which does not include VAT.
Also, you can now set the incoming VAT scheme for each product individually.

VAT Settings

Seller Assistant App / VAT

Seller Assistant App supports European VAT

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