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Seller Assistant App поддерживает европейский НДС. Выберите схему НДС: без НДС, стандартная ставка НДС, сниженная ставка НДС, незарегистрированный НДС для продавцов из Великобритании и НДС на комиссионные для европейских продавцов, продающих товары на Amazon в США или Канаде.

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Доходный НДС

Теперь вы можете выбрать способ ввода стоимости товаров.

Quickly determine the amount of VAT
ндс от Seller assistant app

Настройки НДС

Задайте в настройках схему НДС по стоимости товаров по умолчанию.

Choose your VAT scheme

Correctly set VAT-inclusive price

Determine the price for your products, including VAT, to ensure profitability, with Seller Assistant VAT Calculator. Correctly set the per-item price to ensure profit margins

Correctly set VAT-inclusive price

Manage VAT for different countries and sales tax for different states

If you sell in multiple countries and states, you need to handle diverse VAT and sales tax rules. The VAT Calculator supports this by allowing you to switch between various VAT schemes and sales tax rates, ensuring accurate tax calculations for each jurisdiction

Manage VAT for different countries and sales tax for different states

Calculate sales tax on-page

Calculate sales tax on the Amazon product pages and in Side Panel View on a supplier website with Seller Assistant’s Sales Tax Сalculator. To calculate sales tax, enter COG, click it, and switch the “Tax” toggle in the pop-up. Seller Assistant App will calculate your tax

Calculate sales tax on-page

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Seller Assistant's VAT and Sales Tax Calculator?

The Seller Assistant's VAT Calculator is a tool designed to assist Amazon sellers in calculating VAT and sales tax based on different VAT schemes. It supports VAT calculation for various scenarios, including standard VAT rates, reduced rates, and non-registered VAT for UK and European sellers. It also calculates sales tax.

How do I select my VAT scheme in the Seller Assistant's VAT Calculator?

To select your VAT scheme, go to the VAT settings within the Seller Assistant App and choose from the options: no VAT, standard VAT rate, reduced VAT rate, non-registered VAT for UK sellers, or VAT on fees for European sellers on Amazon US or Canada. Each selection adjusts the VAT calculations accordingly.

Can the VAT Calculator handle incoming VAT for the cost of goods?

Yes, the VAT Calculator can handle incoming VAT on the cost of goods. To calculate this, enter the cost of goods (COG), click on it, and switch the “VAT” toggle in the pop-up to include VAT in the calculation.

Does the Seller Assistant's VAT Calculator support VAT on Amazon fees for European sellers selling on Amazon US or Canada?

Yes, it supports calculating VAT on fees for European sellers who sell on Amazon US or Canada, helping to ensure compliance with VAT regulations. This is particularly useful for managing cross-border VAT obligations.

How does the VAT and Sales Tax Calculator handle sales tax?

The VAT and Sales Tax Calculator also computes sales tax.

What should I do if my VAT scheme changes?

If your VAT scheme changes, update the settings in the Seller Assistant App to reflect your new VAT scheme. This ensures that the VAT Calculator uses the correct rates and rules for future calculations.

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Калькулятор НДС для FBA

Рассчитайте НДС для Amazon FBA

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