Looking for a RevSeller alternative?

RevSeller Alternative

Then take a look at the Seller Assistant App — an all-in-one tool that combines FBA Calculator, IP Alerts, Quick View, and Stock Checker.
Spoiler: Seller Assistant App wins.
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Amazon makes more than $638 million in product sales a day. So, the goal of any Amazon seller is to be a part of this game and make as much money as possible.

To achieve this goal, sellers need to find a high margin and good selling product to sell on Amazon. For this purpose, sellers should use the right tools for product analysis. There are several popular solutions on the market. Those are RevSeller, BuyBotPro, JungleScout. The most popular of them is RevSeller, which is quite great. But it is not always enough.

Here is where the Seller Assistant App comes into play. An all-in-one-tool with advanced features that is a good alternative to RevSeller.

Let's compare

Seller Assistant App vs RevSeller

Please, take a look at the comparative table below. 

On-page FBA & FBM calculator


Having quick access to the FBA & FBM calculator is essential for Amazon sellers.
The majority of plugins are only available through clicking on the plugin icon, which is not easy to work with.

Both Seller Assistant App and RevSeller’s show up right on amazon product pages. No extra clicks are needed!

except for BSR Drops

Keepa Graph and Historical Data

It is extremely important to know the current and historical product-related data.

Seller Assistant App includes Keepa’s graph, shows the average price, BSR and the BSR Drops number (BSR Drop means that the product has been sold.)

RevSeller, however, shows current and average data, Keepa’s graph, but not the BSR Drops number.


Stock Checker

Data Export to Google Sheets

To stay organized, Amazon Sellers need to save founded deals for future use. This daily routine kills a lot of time. Saving the data is painful, but needs to be done. 

Seller Assistant App has solved this issue. Now you can export analyzed data to Google Sheet in just one click. Stay focused on the product analyzing process and forget about copy-paste. More than 50 product characteristics are available for export.

With RevSeller, however, you cannot do this.


Stock Checker

Stock Checker

With Stock checker, you can see how many products are left on your competitors’ stocks. It’s important to know their remaining goods and how this data changes, so that you can plan your inventory replenishment and turnover. 

Seller Assistant App shows remaining goods for all sellers, as well as the total quantity of goods.

RevSeller doesn’t have this.


Hazmat and Oversize Only

Product restrictions

Each product’s parameters vary from one to another, and knowing them is super important. For example, meltable products you can sell in the winter, you must wrap glass products in bubble wrap, oversize and hazmat are stored in separated warehouses.
Why is knowing them important? It helps estimate your expenses more accurately and avoid unexpected expenses due to product restrictions.

Seller Assistant App shows various product restrictions and characteristics like Brand Gate, Set Qty, Fragile, Meltable, Hazmat, Oversize, Small & Light eligibility.  

RevSeller only shows Brand Gate, Hazmat and Oversize.


Stock Checker

IP Alert

When you deal with dropshipping and online arbitrage, you sell other brands' products. Some brands want to protect themselves against fake. Sometimes too aggressively, which leads to the sellers getting banned from Amazon. 

Seller Assistant App has developed a unique IP Alert system. Complaints are automatically collected on a daily basis. You will always know the type of complaint and the date it was received. It's safer to trade with us!

RevSeller doesn’t have this feature.


Stock Checker

European Marketplaces Support

If sellers sell on different marketplaces, it is important to have a single toolbox. 

Seller Assistant App supports US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES.

RevSeller supports US and CA only.

except for profit estimate features

Stock Checker

Work without Amazon Seller Account integration

Some people do product research for outsource while they have no Professional Amazon Seller Account. In this case they need a software which does not require Amazon Seller Account integration

With Seller Assistant App, you can do product research without an Amazon Seller Account, but in this case, you won’t be able to see profit estimation and brand gate. 

RevSeller does not work without Amazon Seller Account integration. 


Stock Checker

Sales and Profit Estimation

Product analysis includes a profit estimation and inventory planning for further purchasing.

Seller Assistant App estimates sales velocity and calculates the potential profit considering competitors quantity and their type.

RevSeller doesn’t do it.


Stock Checker

Product Quick View on the Search Page

Sellers often search for the products with the search requests. Then it’s important to see product-related parameters on the search page.

Seller Assistant App / Quick View shows ASIN, BSR, and Category, whether Amazon is among sellers, as well as the number of FBA & FBM sellers on the search page. 

RevSeller doesn’t have it. 


A good alternative to RevSeller

As you can see, Seller Assistant App is a good alternative to RevSeller. It will become your reliable business partner you can trust. 

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