Seller assistant / IP-Alert feature

IP-Alert on the Amazon Product Page

Seller Assistant show a red triangle icon in case our data records indicate that some sellers had account health issues related to their products or brands.

Seller assistant / IP-Alert feature

IP-Alert on the Amazon Search Page

Seller Assistant show a red triangle icon in case our data records indicate that some sellers had account health issues related to their product or brand.

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Seller Assistant / IP-Alert

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Seller Assistant App

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Seller Assistant / IP-Alert feature



IP Alerts

No breakdown by issue

IP Alerts warn sellers that the product has intellectual property rights claims. Amazon sellers very often resell other brands' products. If a product has an IP alert, this means that the brand owner has issued an IP complaint on this ASIN in the past.
Selling such products may lead to account suspension or a ban.
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✔️ Both Seller Assistant and ✔️ IP-Alert show IP-Alerts.

With Seller Assistant, additionally, you can see breakdown by issues which is very convenient.

IP Alerts detalization

Paid feature

When sellers discover that a product has an IP Alert, it’s also vital to know what exactly triggered that IP Alert. That is important since some IP warnings may be triggered automatically. You also need to know what triggered the alert – brand, ASIN, or both.

✔️ Seller Assistant offers IP Alerts detalization. Stay alert with us!

❌ IP Alert doesn’t specify the reason for the violation.

Amazon Product Page Widget


Having quick access to product metrics on the Amazon listing is vital for product research. Most plugins are only available by clicking on the icon, complicating the process.

With ✔️ Seller Assistant, you can see all product metrics and alerts right on the Amazon Search Page, and product pages. No extra clicks are needed.

❌ IP Alert shows only one alert icon for IP Alerts of all kinds, just notifying you to have a problem. It’s not a full-function widget

Amazon Search Page and Storefront Widget


When merchants research products on Amazon, it’s essential to do it fast. Looking up IP alerts on the Amazon Search Page makes this process quicker and more efficient.

✔️ Seller Assistant displays them on Amazon Search Page, while IP Alert shows up only on the product pages. 

Automated IP Alerts collection


✔️ Seller Assistant has developed a unique IP Alert system. Complaints are automatically collected daily. You will always know the type of complaint and the date it was received. 

IP Alerts doesn’t have such a feature. The brands that trigger alerts have been crowd-sourced by Amazon sellers and are updated regularly. The data isn’t picked up automatically and may be incomplete.

An Advanced Alternative to IP-Alert

Seller Assistant is a powerful alternative to IP-Alert. It combines two extensions: Seller Assistant Browser Extension, and IP-Alert Chrome Extension by Seller Assistant, Amazon seller tools: Bulk Restrictions Checker and UPC/EAN to ASIN converter, and features: Side Panel View, FBM&FBA Profit Calculator, Quick View, ASIN Grabber, Stock Checker, IP Alert, and Restrictions Checker.

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